Curriculum Vitae

Widely experienced producer/director with extensive creative ability and international production background. Major documentary experience. Interviewed and negotiated with world figures including: Mikhail Gorbachev, Muhammad Ali, and Mother Teresa. Full technical and practical knowledge of all aspects of television and film production. Successful, creative producer/director of multi-million dollar series and award-winning documentaries and music videos.

Built Directors International Productions – London / New York / Los Angeles, a group of five companies that produced and distributed television and video programs to wide international market.

Currently practicing as yoga teacher and therapist; recently produced and directed Addiction, Recovery & Yoga, a documentary on the use of yoga in addiction recovery programs.

For Skylark Productions 1994–1996

  • Developed The Healers a 10–part series on alternative health and complementary medicine, presented by Bernie Siegel, for Video Edition Inc.
  • Produced, directed and presented Yoga Basics, an introduction to Hatha Yoga in association with Psychology Today magazine.
  • Edited six, one–hour historical documentaries for the Discovery Channel.
  • Authored various articles for Psychology Today and Yoga Journal.

For Directors International Productions 1984–1994

  • Signed Exclusive agreement with Mikhail Gorbachev for biographical TV series on his life ad the history of the Soviet Union.
  • Produced and directed Muhammad Ali, the Whole Story, a 10–part series filmed on location in India, Sudan, France, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Japan, Pakistan and USA. Negotiated exclusive agreement with Mohammad Ali and secured seven million dollar financing in Japan.
  • Creative director and executive producer of Hard & Heavy, created 18–part (x90–minute) international rock music video–magazine and TV series. Brand leader worldwide.
  • Director/writer of three–part (60–minute) TV series on the life and work of British actor /director, Lord Bernard Miles.
  • Directed numerous commercials and music videos for various products & artists.

For Lindsey Clennell Productions 1975–1984

  • Produced and directed over 80 music videos and in-concert programs for major artists including Elton John, The Who, Mick Jagger, Peter Tosh, Black Sabbath, E.L.O., Whitesnake, Mike Oldfield, The Jam, and Dire Straits.
  • Directed Queensryche in Tokyo, a one-hour hard rock in-concert for TV/DVD.
  • Directed 10 TV commercials and expanded production company to from a base for program production.
  • Directed Tour de Normandie, a 60–minute TV documentary on the Tour of France cycle race.
  • Directed Coast to Coast News, UK TV–South’s live, studio-based, news program.
  • Produced, directed & composed music for Box On, a TV and cinema documentary on underground boxing. Received awards from: British Film Academy for best documentary, The Cork International Film Festival, The Chicago International Film Festival, The Wellington International Film Festival.
  • Authored The Bagman, a history of the first Scottish member of the Philadelphia mob.
  • Produced and directed Star Rider, a 13–part TV series of rock concerts.
  • Produced and directed Between the Lines, a theatrical concert film with video effects.

Freelance 1970–1975

  • Director / writer UK Independent Television Network. Worked on a wide variety of news shows and documentary reports with the following TV stations: ITN, London Weekend, Thames, Anglia, Southern, Scottish, Ulster.
  • Produced and directed Pictures at an Exhibition, a 100–minute theatrical release, expanded concert of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Critically acclaimed for its unique post production video color effects and Marvel Comic animation.
  • Produced, designed and directed video effects for films production for INTERTEL broadcast video facilities.
  • Produced and directed Ravi and Some Girls. Video art theatrical shorts.
  • Director / Camera Operator for Festival Express, a documentary on the Trans–Canadian Rock Festival Express. Featuring: Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, the Band, and Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.
  • Co-produced & directed Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music. Featuring: Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Country Joe McDonald, Donovan, Hot Tuna, the Byrds, Flock, and Fairport Convention.
  • Co–produced Paradise Now featuring The Living Theatre, a 90–minute documentary. Selected for New Directors Week at the Cannes Festival.